Our M2M secure VPN is a carrier-grade, secure, fast and reliable private network. It delivers a cost-effective alternative to organisations wishing to avoid major investment in their own IT architecture, leased lines and associated support costs.

Our secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service with no CAPEX

Deployed in London-based data centres to deliver secure and resilient private network capability with fully redundant interconnects. Connects via dedicated hubs directly into each of our major network partners utilising APN gateways and RADIUS servers, which isparticularly relevant when multiple devices are being connected across multiple networks. The APN will remain constant throughout.

The solution applies fixed IP (static IP) onto M2M data SIMs within mobile devices to enable secure routing from our infrastructure to the remote user’s LAN. The ability to deploy a fixed IP to a module enables a device to be passive in communications – a user can securely retrieve data from a machine instead of relying on it to be sent, and send two-way instructions that remain secure at every part of the data’s passage.  This approach has great advantages in the M2M & IoT world from a cost and infrastructure perspective, with small to no CAPEX required to be part of a resilient private network.

Enabling fixed IP onto your M2M for secure two-way connectivity

This technology is also available to users already contracted with mobile networks and that are not subscribed through PSTG. In this way it  can be overlaid onto a customer’s current connectivity with data routing managed through the network infrastructure. The process to install the private network infrastructure is pain-free and rapid in comparison to the cost and expectations of setting up a new private network and support system.

Potential IoT applications: